to the distant islands

Indonesia, 2008.

This photolog will chronicle our life and adventures in Indonesia.  Our launch date from the western hemisphere is July, 2011 January 2012, and regular posting will probably not begin until then.

It’s hard to know what to expect but the unexpected.  So it is hard to give you, dear reader, an expectation for the stories that will be told in images and words on this blog.    Indonesia itself is hard to characterize, since it has perhaps the richest diversity in human and physical geography on the planet: thousands of islands, hundreds of distinct languages and cultures, which span the ancient to the modern.  What is Indonesia like?  It depends, on everything of course, and likely more on who we are — and how we see — then where we are.  Is that true for everybody everywhere?

We’ve been told that culture shock is real, for everybody, at some point.  So, we’re as prepared for it as the next family, which is to say not very well, since it wouldn’t be shock if we were prepared for it.  But as we strike out into the wild blue yonder, head first into marginal third culture nomadism, we want to share our life with you, one frame at a time.


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