Gunung (mount) Arjuno to the west of Malang is the second highest peak on Java at 3339 m.  Back in October our friend Matt from Boston visited, as he had some work to do in SE Asia, and was able to swing through Malang to visit our team.  He loves to climb, and a few of us, along with our guide* were able to bag a route that started from the southern side, near Batu.  We had a vertical mile up, and summitted in about 3.5 hours, had an hour at the top, and a 2.5 hour decent.  The day had rolling mists coming through, so a view of Gunung Semeru (Java’s highest peak at 3676 m) on the other side of Malang wasn’t possible.  But it was beautiful all the same, with constantly shifting views, and we got some good sunburns and aching limbs to boot.  The panorama included here was taken two weeks ago, on one of the few relatively clear day’s we’ve had this rainy season.

*guide is a loose term here, meaning someone who will help you get access to a route or region.  They can usually get you to the start of your climb, even if the specifics of your agreement with them don’t resemble your experience to that point.  They may or may not be with you while you climb, up or down.  They may leave inexperienced climbers behind. They themselves may get lost, for hours.  Care for the safety of the climbers they are guiding may not be a familiar concept.  Needless to say, be guided at your own risk, and “your mileage may vary”.  This description is only anecdotal.


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