The Many Looks of Elijah

Last week I had an hour to spend with Eli before taking him to school, and we had enough time to visit an abandoned building project a little way up the hill from there.  Originally the building was supposed to be a club-house of some sort, but the project was ended before any exterior walls were in place.  Now it’s just 3 levels of open concrete flooring and random brick walls, with falling-hazards everywhere.  It’s a popular spot for photographers, since the light streams in from all directions, and there are great views of the city and surrounding mountains.

We spent about a half-hour climbing stairs and checking out the various rooms and floors while I tried to get some portraits of the boy. He doesn’t listen to well.  Or stay still.  But his expressions, completely unprompted, mostly make up for that.  I hope you can tell, he brings a lot of joy and mischief to our lives.

[click image for slideshow]


3 thoughts on “The Many Looks of Elijah

  1. jon says:

    “Confident” is all you. You can see how he’s picked up your postures.

  2. Grandma says:

    What a funny boy. His green shirt matches the countryside. Hugs and kisses, Grandma

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