Photogenic Fellows

A couple weeks ago I went to the gritty Pasar Loak (used market) near the Alun-Alun (downtown) area of Malang with one of my teachers.  It was mostly a cultural slash wandering excursion, and our aim was to get lost in shops and maybe stumble on a decent used camera buried among the rubbish.  We did find a few old cameras, but nothing worth anything, as these were likely actually  pulled from the trash somewhere else in the city.  The shops are various: some sell specific used motorcycle parts and accessories — only helmets, fenders, chains, or side-panels — and have a distinct chop-shop feel, while others sell electronics, clothes, bikes, fruit, or small animals.  You can get your palm read, buy some snake oil (no kidding; or maybe snake meat is more to your liking? — your choice), or just grab a bowl of something fried, hot and spicy to eat.

I spotted these overturned-basket cages with colourful roosters just after the chop-shops.  I’m not sure if this man was an owner, but he wanted me to get a better look at the birds than I was getting through the cage bars.  It seems he also knew that the pair would make the best looking photo I would get that day; he wasted no time posing for this shot.


2 thoughts on “Photogenic Fellows

  1. Dugutigui says:

    He’s disgustingly photogenic 🙂
    Amazing photo!!! Perfect composition!!!
    I’m also trying 🙂
    Hope you like them.

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